The Rundown

Alright, so this is a new website for us (yay!) and really just an opportunity for us to have some fun, express some ideas and discuss anything and everything in relation to design. Whether it be cars, motorbikes, houses, websites or phones it doesn’t matter it can all be put on the table. We are a small group who are currently studying design in these areas and, well, we needed somewhere to dump our ideas and thoughts for others to discuss.

Don’t worry you don’t have to have a degree or be an expert or anything like that. If you have an opinion on the topic feel free to comment if you don’t have an opinion on the topic but what to join in anyway then contact us by clicking here and we can set you up to add some of your own blogs or put forward a topic you had in mind.

This site is really for some fun so if people can’t play nice together we will be putting people in time out.

Enki is the referee (also Sumarian God and you HAVE to say this next bit in a big booming voice) AND WILL SEE ALL,  but mainly because we can scroll back through the posts and read, we do not have God like powers (yet).

Keep your steely eyes glued to this site, there will be some posts coming your way, unless we happen to be on exams, in that case just chat amongst yourselves.