The Legend-The Ford GT40

Ford GT40

Alright so the first post to get us off and racing (excuse the pun) is a personal favourite of mine-the Ford GT40.

I simply LOVE this car! For me it has simply everything you could ask for. Monster V8, rear wheel drive, looks to die for, an incredible heritage and the rags to riches story to go along. This car was purpose built to be a ‘Ferrari killer’ in the Le Mans 24 hour race and as much as I also love Ferrari; to have a purpose built ‘blue collar’ workers supercar designed specifically to take on Ferrari; it sends shivers down my spine. list of websites This car literally carved itself into history. How bad ass is that? I won’t ramble too much about the story but click here for the detail.

Anyway on to design and away from my love of cars, this car did split the community. In the looks department, in my eyes it is right up there. It stands out, it is different people look when you drive pass, that’s the point on a supercar isn’t it? If they didn’t look they would certainly here you coming with that demonically possessed V8 bellowing from behind the drivers head. virtual server . However not everyone enjoys fine art and I guess ultimately it comes down to your own personal preference on styling. One thing that this car did do was get the ball rolling on motor racing design and aerodynamics.

Until the 1960’s not a lot had been done in terms of motor racing research, Ford needed a way to knock Ferrari off the pedestal, having successfully won the Le Mans multiply times in a row things had to be done differently. Having a huge amount of power was of course essential but getting that power to the ground and successful transferring the power through the corners needed a bit more work.

It’s not hard to see where changes were made, you simply need to look at the car or even the name- GT40, the 40 represent the number of inches from the ground to the top of the windscreen. this car was low, real low.

So this is how it stacks up; it’s small so not a lot of drag, looks like it’s designed to cut through a tornado, has a huge heavy engine at the back to keep traction over the back wheels and has vents and cut outs all over it to shape the airflow to keep it stable and on track. This is where it began, in terms of motor racing design this is genesis. Cars have come a long way, just take a look at F1 cars they are purely designed to stick to the ground (if they had a set of wings they would probably fly otherwise). The Ford GT40 is what really started this revolution, we owe a lot to this car. The word legend doesn’t even seem to do it justice.