Kawasaki Ninja-H2



I have simply no idea where to begin on this topic…. for those of you who don’t ride bikes, trying to describe the H2 (that Kawasaki clearly stole from some sort of other dimension) is like trying to describe a new colour that has never been seen before. Really try it. Go on I’ll wait……. not easy is it?

That’s what this bike is. Admittedly I do have half a chance of describing it considering that it is a physical object but it is a bit more than that. This bike has gone out to break all the rules, it has taken what we know about riding motorbikes and flipped it on it’s head.

That engine for instance; incredible or insane I can’t really decide.

For those of you not in the know bikes have a range of different engines (obviously), when you start your learners you are limited to a 250cc model or a restricted bike (a larger bike that has had it’s power limited). Kinda fair enough, I  mean after all, there is a lot going on for a new rider. There is traffic, gearing, cornering showing off to your mates/girls without crashing, it can be a very testing time without have to worry about the bike ripping your eyes back into your skull. Nice and simple the 250cc are.

The next natural progression (for most people) is to get your open class licence and generally get a 600cc bike. Now I know there are thousands of bikes out there and saying ‘most people’ get a 600cc might be a bit of a generalisation but i’m really just painting a picture for people who don’t know and really…. I’m keeping the Ninja theme. 600cc are fast generally with a top speed of the 270 km/ph so they are certainly not a slouch.

Now this things get interesting. Those of us who claim our testicles are larger than everyone else’s are after the legendary 1000cc bikes. These are your Yamaha R1, Ninja ZX 10R, GSX 1000, pretty much all the sort of bikes even non-bike people know about. They are right up there with Ducati’s for engine cc (Ducati is generally more again). They are big bikes, they are fast, they are loud and there are the top line in motorcycle research and development.

Now that the little lesson is over I can introduce you to the Kawasaki Ninja H2. It has taken what all the other superbness have done before it and turned it all up to 11! 1000cc engine? Sure why not, custom built SUPERCHARGER? Yeah through that in as well. It’s incredible and insane. Not only is 1000cc engine terrifying enough but now it has a purpose built supercharger on it as well? Seriously, click here for Kawasaki H2 vs Bugatti- you’ll get the idea.

To get this phenomenal power down to tarmac (using one wheel obviously) the bike and been designed by chief engineers at Kawasaki and put through wind tunnel testing to make sure it’s as aerodynamic as possible. The road going version (yes there is a road version but I’m sure it would carve up the road with as little effort as a hot knife through butter) has wing mirrors and headlight. The seat is shaped to help you stay on the bike instead of flying off the bike (awesome idea and should be considered for all ‘normal’ bikes to come. The track version has blades, yep that’s right it wasn’t a miss type, I said blades. It all helps to keep the bike stable around corners as this thing literally cuts through the air and (you’ll like this bit) stable in a straight line and high speeds. The amount of work going into developing a machine of the magnitude is well……… it’s ‘built beyond belief’ as Kawasaki put it.

I can’t help but want this god like machine and at the same time be utterly and completely terrified of it. Kawasaki have raised the bar again and have shown the world what they are really capable of getting these bikes to do.