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Tint My Windows Perth 86


Hey hey hey! We are finally back!! Due to a series of unforeseen circumstance we lost access to our website login! I know right? Of all things it seems like a pretty silly thing to happen we know. It wasn’t our fault naturally our server updated a few features and reset our passwords on us.

Never the less we are back in action and as always we are here to talk about design. Before we get into this post we would like to give a shout out to a local Perth company Tint My Windows Perth. I thought we would keep on the car/motorbike design theme to ease us back into things so Window Tinting was going to be the topic. Tint My Windows Perth let us come down and see the process as well as some before and after shots. They also lent us some photos for this blog tonight They are a really friendly team and they do some incredible work, check them out!

So where were we? That’s right we were locked out of this site. It took us a while to get it back up and running with everyone enjoying the break but after a few long distance calls and a few months we are back.

So tonight we wanted to bring up the topic of window tinting and the design benefits of it? Does it really make your car look good? Does it suit all cars? Or if your car is crap design to begin with are you just better to scrap it and get something cool We’re just joking on that last bit, if you love your car you can keep it we won’t judge.

We know there are many benefits to tinting your car windows. It protects the interior (and yourself) from UV, keeps the heat out and adds a level of extra security to your vehicle. The other benefit (in my eyes) is that it makes your car look super stylish. There is something about a new tint on the car that can completely transform the look of the vehicle. It’s funny how something so simple can back your car suddenly stand out and give it a certain appeal that it was once lacking. In my opinion the right window tint can either make or ‘brake’ a car (pun intended). I have the same opinion for car rims as well but that is a topic for another day

Tint My Windows Perth Civic

What do you guys think? Is it something you would consider doing to your car? Is it something you have already done? Please feel free to post up your own photos and we can get an online discussion going

Otherwise stayed tuned for some more posts that will be coming your way hot from the press. I have also attached some photos for your viewing pleasure. Courtesy of Tint My windows Perth.

As always feel free to contact us here!