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Yes that’s right folks Solar Panels! Those little black things that you place up on the roof of your house actually do something! Now we won’t go into the ins and out of what they do, I’m sure everyone here knows the benefits of having solar panels on your roof. If for some chance you don’t know what all the fuss is about then we recommend you give the guys at Perth Solar Power Installations a call. They are very passionate about this topic as I found out the other week. 

It was a lovely Wednesday afternoon, the birds were out, the sun was shinning….you know the drill. The best part of the day was NO lectures….I know not even one. Guess passing all my units last semester had it’s benefits, less work load this year So what does a battling uni student do with an extra day off you might ask? Go to a mid week party? Work a job and start earning some $$$ well maybe $. No I thought I would be a good son and go visit my folks.

Not the most exciting story so far I know but bear with me. Upon arriving I could help but notice the 2 blokes standing on my parents roof. Turns out they were getting solar panels installed. My little brother met me at the front door clearly unimpressed by the panels going on the roof. ‘They look horrible’ he said, ‘my mates are not gonna want to hang out at the weird looking house’. Bit of an overreaction I know. After explaining to him all the benefits etc he seemed to understand but still thought it was the worst thing in the world to happen to him. This did get the conversation starting.

He was still adamant that they looked ugly and proceed to use his best form of offence…Google. The photos were flying at me left, right and centre. Of course most of the houses were in the UK where with so little sunlight around you literally had to cover the entire roof with solar panels just so it would be of any benefit. Of course here in Perth we don’t need so many. After explaining to my brother that the entire roof wasn’t going to be covered he seemed to relax a little.

Now I’m all for solar panels and helping the environment but seeing as though this is a website based around design let’s open the flood gates. Should we compromise the look of a nicely styled house for the sake of solar panels. I know I would but you would hate to buy a nice old classic house to then have a massive solar panel stuck right in the middle of it? That would make it a bit of an eye sore. I’m sure there are other ways of getting solar panels to function in your house though. I’ve seen roads being created which are now solar savvy. Who knows maybe somewhere out there someone is designing roof tiles that will act as little independent solar panels….actually that’s a good idea and is now copyrighted *insert disclaimer here*. Now I should probably get talking to my engineering mates.

As always, post in your comments and contact us with any other topics of conversation you would like to discuss.

Until next time!