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Ok crew. For this post I have been given a couple of instructions from my good friend David. David has just left uni, got a fantastic job and is now earning a decent income. Naturally he would like to purchase a house for him to return to after long shifts away. Instruction 1. David has asked me to give a special mention to the team at Home Loans Bad Credit. David says he wasn’t always this ‘cashed up’ and that he went through some hard times through uni and wasn’t able to pay rent etc. Due to this he received a bad credit rating and didn’t think he would be able to get a loan for a house. Home Loans Bad Credit were able to sort him out and were ‘super friendly and helpful’. Thanks David! You may have given a solution to many battling uni students here.

Instruction 2. was for me to see if any of the design gurus out there had an design opinions when it came to selecting a home in Perth. This begun the conversation between us of ‘old vs new’. What would you choose? An old house could be considered more of a ‘classic’. Timber floors, high ceilings, lots of intricate detail, it’s a hard thing to go past. The down side is not all of them are perfect and you are bound to spend more money originally to get them to a level you are happy with. New houses on the other hand generally have less problems, have all the mod cons and look a bit flashy. The down side is they are kinda look the same, have tiny backyards, and the quality isn’t the same. You can just look at some houses and know that they won’t last. Structually sure, but paint, floor boards and skirting aren’t the same quality anymore. Oh and as always, any comments you have just send through to us here.

3. Instruction is location, suburbs and convince or a bit more rural and space. I well and truly prefer rural and space, getting grid locked in traffic is firstly annoying, secondly un productive, and third just a pain in the ass. Ok so that last point and first point are pretty much the same but I stand by my statement. David is FIFO so doesn’t need to be in the city for any particular reason other than to get to the airport. He’s back for 2 weeks and doesn’t mind the travel to say Bunbury/Busselton. Although David is still young single and ready to mingle the social life in Perth is a lot more interesting up here? Guess it will come down to personal preference.


4. Styling. This question is really the one for us and what i’ll be finishing on this morning. What styling/features should David be on the look out for. He wants his place to be around for a while so are there any design features that get over looked that he should know about before he settles? Things like extra power sockets, floorboards/carpets, blinds etc. Feel free to post in as many comments as you want. David was after as many ideas as possible.

That’s about it from me this morning, Hope you guys have an awesome day and i’ll see you on the flip side later!


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