That’s One Hell Of A Body


To the world of the internet the team at Enki-design say hello! It has been a couple of weeks since our last post and we are sorry for that. It seems that time gets in the way of these things but not is all lost, we will continue to do what is necessary to get these posts out there! So I wanted to talk tonight about us as humans and what we are designed to do. I know it’s getting away from what we normally discuss but the topic came up in a conversation this afternoon about a new product in Australia called Kyani.

Now there are tons of health food drinks/ supplements/ energy boosters/ age extenders/ fasting programs/ big toe reducers…..ok you get the point ….there are a lot. All of them claim to do the same thing, improve your health but do they work? Are they neccessary? My friend has been taking this new product from Kyani and it is actually very simple and actually offer some amazing benefits. I’m one to do my research before speaking out about something and Kyani is definitely a winner. It’s nothing crazy like 7 shakes a day, it’s simply 3 products, one morning ( 30ml of juice), one for midday (little drops which are easy to keep in your lunch box) and essentially some fish oil tablets at night. Huge benefits in the products so well worth checking out but this is what lead us onto the product.

Working hard

My friend has been taking the Kyani products and says that she feels great (she looks it), she had a juice int he morning and of course someone asked what it was. My friend asking was extremely against taking any supplements of any sort and firmly believes that any nutrients we get should come from the food that we eat. I agree with this statement. My friend taking the Kyani products also agreed (to an extent, she may have been polite as well) and added that food isn’t what it used to be and there is nothing wrong with doing a few small things to help your body moving forward.

The conversation became slightly heated and it turned into what are our body’s designed to do. We push our bodies a lot harder than what we were meant to, without electricity everyone would be asleep by dark, went people continue to work into the wee hours of the morning writing blogs for their adoring fans (cheers for the love guys). If we were to live a more simplistic lifestyle where we grew/hunted our own food we may receive all the nutrition we need from what is around us. Unfortunately our food isn’t the quality it used to be and I do feel that there is some nutrition missing (depending on what you eat).

What are we designed for? Are we designed to climb trees, hunt, swim, gather? Or are we designed to kill ourselves working a 9-5 job to pay taxes and earn a ‘living’ by sitting in front of a computer all day?? It’s an interesting topic so I won’t harp on too much because I feel there will be some room for people to add their comments as we go through.

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