That’s One Hell Of A Body


To the world of the internet the team at Enki-design say hello! It has been a couple of weeks since our last post and we are sorry for that. It seems that time gets in the way of these things but not is all lost, we will continue to do what is necessary to get these posts out there! So I wanted to talk tonight about us as humans and what we are designed to do. I know it’s getting away from what we normally discuss but the topic came up in a conversation this afternoon about a new product in Australia called Kyani. Continue reading “That’s One Hell Of A Body”

Home Styles

Home Loans

Ok crew. For this post I have been given a couple of instructions from my good friend David. David has just left uni, got a fantastic job and is now earning a decent income. Naturally he would like to purchase a house for him to return to after long shifts away. Instruction 1. David has asked me to give a special mention to the team at Home Loans Bad Credit. David says he wasn’t always this ‘cashed up’ and that he went through some hard times through uni and wasn’t able to pay rent etc. Due to this he received a bad credit rating and didn’t think he would be able to get a loan for a house. Home Loans Bad Credit were able to sort him out and were ‘super friendly and helpful’. Thanks David! You may have given a solution to many battling uni students here. Continue reading “Home Styles”

Solar Panels

Perth Solar Panel Installations - Team

Yes that’s right folks Solar Panels! Those little black things that you place up on the roof of your house actually do something! Now we won’t go into the ins and out of what they do, I’m sure everyone here knows the benefits of having solar panels on your roof. If for some chance you don’t know what all the fuss is about then we recommend you give the guys at Perth Solar Power Installations a call. They are very passionate about this topic as I found out the other week.¬† Continue reading “Solar Panels”

Car Styling

Tint My Windows Perth 86


Hey hey hey! We are finally back!! Due to a series of unforeseen circumstance we lost access to our website login! I know right? Of all things it seems like a pretty silly thing to happen we know. It wasn’t our fault naturally our server updated a few features and reset our passwords on us.

Never the less we are back in action and as always we are here to talk about design. Before we get into this post we would like to give a shout out to a local Perth company Tint My Windows Perth. Continue reading “Car Styling”

Are mobile phones REALLY getting easier to use?


Alright, so this is going to shake things up a little. It may be opening up a smaller version of Pandoras box but it needs to be done so I will be brave enough to put forward the question. Are the mobile phones that are sitting right next to us easier to use now, or were they easier to use back in the days of the indestructible Nokia etc?

‘Why do you ask such a silly question Enki?’, ‘Off course they are!’ These may be some of the questions that come to your mind so before I continue I will explain the story. You see, after the last post, the one where I kindly thanked everyone and said that the Enki crew had decided to spend the Saturday night out on the town we proceeded to head out. We were having a great time! The drinks were flowing (spilling) everywhere, the conversation was engaging the atmosphere was perfect for a night catching up with friends. It was all going so smoothly then… happened….. my phone dropped just as hard as the latest hip hop beat.

Now I know I am not the only one to experience this but for me it was my first time. Everything was in slow motion, in my attempt to rectify the mistake I lunged for the phone, at the same time spilling my drink and creating more of a scene, highlighting my amateur mistake at letting a precious contraption fall from my (slightly intoxicated) hands. As I reached down to review inspect the damage and quickly brush it off I knew instantly that the screen had cracked. Which raised the question, are these rectangle devices easier to use, as in handle now or was it easier back in the day where all the cool kids were playing snake? Continue reading “Are mobile phones REALLY getting easier to use?”

Kawasaki Ninja-H2



I have simply no idea where to begin on this topic…. for those of you who don’t ride bikes, trying to describe the H2 (that Kawasaki clearly stole from some sort of other dimension) is like trying to describe a new colour that has never been seen before. Really try it. Go on I’ll wait……. not easy is it?

That’s what this bike is. Admittedly I do have half a chance of describing it considering that it is a physical object but it is a bit more than that. This bike has gone out to break all the rules, it has taken what we know about riding motorbikes and flipped it on it’s head.

That engine for instance; incredible or insane I can’t really decide.

For those of you not in the know bikes have a range of different engines (obviously), when you start your learners you are limited to a 250cc model or a restricted bike (a larger bike that has had it’s power limited). Kinda fair enough, I ¬†mean after all, there is a lot going on for a new rider. There is traffic, gearing, cornering showing off to your mates/girls without crashing, it can be a very testing time without have to worry about the bike ripping your eyes back into your skull. Nice and simple the 250cc are. Continue reading “Kawasaki Ninja-H2”

Welcome to my new website!

Hi guys! Welcome to Enki-Design. Just wanted to say a quick hello and tell everyone to come back tomorrow for some more content. Sites nearby my ip . hosting information